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Buu Concept

O V E R V I E W 


Our personal data has become a valuable monetized asset. The business model of many of today's most successful companies does not rely on providing a useful service and charging for it, but in giving valuable services away for "free" in exchange for our personal data.

The discussion around this topic has mostly focused on consumer protection and concerns about privacy. These negative implications are valid concerns, but what about the positive potential? If Big Data is here to stay—and it is—then how might we as individuals benefit?



Buu, which stands for 'between you and you," is a business concept that attempts to answer these questions. Buu incorporates interaction principles such as defensible space, “form follows emotion,” voice interface, natural language recognition, and data visualization, and combines them with an optimistic vision of the positive potential for Big Data.

Through this project, we concluded that Big Data is not inherently bad. If it were embedded within a different business model, within a different ownership framework, and used for different purposes, Big Data could be the next big thing instead of the next Big Brother. Of course, making knowledge computable and the economics of our current informational asymmetry are very complex problems, but this project was a great opportunity for us to grapple with these issues and imagine what could be.

M Y   C O N T R I B U T I O N 

Video Production

Graduate Design at California College of the Arts (CCA)
Interaction Theory Instructor: Arna Ionescu Stoll

Team: Andrew Haskin, Nuri Kim, Lisa Woods
Special thanks to: Heather Ford and Wendy Ju for lending us their fabulous voices
Photo: Jaron Lanier by vanz via Wikimedia Commons