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Handmade Stories

O V E R V I E W 


Handmade Stories is an interactive installation inspired by my fascination with crowdsourced art, artistic collaboration, social history, group portraits, and storytelling.

The function of the installation is to collect small individual contributions and weave them into a larger, cohesive, and beautiful communal work. Handmade Stories asks participants to photograph one hand and write about something they have made by hand over the photo. All images are then randomly projected onto an arrangement of 24 blank frames hanging nearby. 

The expressiveness of hands combined with the intimate quality of handwriting has produced some wonderful microstories.

LisaBWoods_UX_Handmade-Stories 5.jpg
LisaBWoods_UX_Handmade-Stories 6.jpg
LisaBWoods_Handmade-Stories 7.jpg
LisaBWoods_UX_Handmade-Stories 8.jpg

P R O C E S S  

I iterated the prompt with paper prototypes, created cardboard and foamcore versions of the booth, and tested and iterated the iPad and projection mapping software. 

LisaBWoods_UX_Handmade-Stories 10.jpg
LisaBWoods_UX_Handmade-Stories 11.jpg
LisaBWoods_UX_Handmade-Stories 12jpg
LisaBWoods_UX_Handmade-Stories 13.jpg

D E S I G N   P R O B E  

Q: How does one research group expression?
A: Recreate a successful group art installation and observe how people engage.

Inspired by the public storytelling installations created by artist and activist Candy Chang, my classmate Sarah White and I staged a public event similar to Chang's Before I Die project. We observed people as they participated and talked to them about what attracted them to expressing themselves publicly. It was amazing to see how engaged people became about answering/reading/commenting on a single question: "I adore ___ because ___."



Handmade Stories is part of a broader exploration of collaborative art and storytelling with computer mediation and without. Through this research and  making, I discovered my point of view on group art and developed my process for creating it.

M Y   C O N T R I B U T I O N 

UX + UI Design
Art Direction
Installation Design


Graduate Design at California College of the Arts (CCA)
Thesis Studio 
Advisors: Chris Paretti and Maria Mortati, Thesis Writing Advisor: Leslie Roberts